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Some of the general day-to-day services you can expect from your Talec Group Insurance Services, Inc. account team include the following:

  • Coordinate all activities relating to our clients employee benefits program, including Life, Health, Disability, Voluntary Worksite benefits, etc.
  • Communicate with companies human resources or benefits personnel regarding benefits program issues
  • Provide HR staff with in-depth insurance benefits training ("Benefits Boot-Camp"). Focusing on health, life, disability, dental, Flexible Spending, Deferred compensation, 401(b) (retiree benefits), Stop Loss, worksite benefits, if required.
  • Analyze and provide initial surface recommendations of current benefits package for upcoming renewal.
  • Plan design consultation
  • Review and make recommendations on additional benefits that are not currently in place within WSSC, to enhance current benefits plans.
  • Perform competitive market research analysis
  • Compile and solicit Vendor request's for proposal (FRS's) to all applicable vendors
  • Conduct a benefits cost containment analyses
  • Network disruption analysis
  • Review and implementation of complete cost containment procedures where applicable
  • Leverage Tigris's established relations with underwriters be able to Present and recommend the most comprehensive benefits plan designs or re-design programs, and pricing arrangement with written analysis;
  • Meetings with company's management or benefits personnel as requested and at agreed upon regular intervals
  • Meet, consolidate and select most credible selected vendors, and further negotiate plans and pricing. Be able to identify qualified insurance companies.
  • Complementary "custom" employee communications upon request
  • Unlimited and prompt response to general inquiries
  • Provide resources for provider questions or issues
  • Act as a resource for late entrants
  • Ensure implementation of policy changes with carrier(s)
  • Request renewal with follow-up
  • Compile renewal book with plan changes
  • Provide in-depth explanation of annual renewal.
  • Further negotiate final renewal; assist in obtaining revised provisions and price adjustments from insurance companies; incorporate performance and rate guarantees
  • Compile plan alternatives with renewals
  • Update benefit comparisons
  • Review renewal proposals contracts for accuracy
  • Negotiate and appropriately evaluate and adjust renewals, for option year(s).
  • Act as a resource for difficult claim situations (provided authority is given)
  • Assist in composing and provide quarterly newsletter for WSSC management and benefits personnel
  • Facilitate "Open enrollment" meetings, and planning for upcoming plan year.
  • Coordinate enrollment of employees and dependents
  • Educate benefits personnel on new administrative procedures
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