COBRA compliance and review

  • Insure proper administration

Fiduciary compliance

  • Fiduciary designations and authorities granted by the sponsors and plans
  • Persons or entities acting as fiduciaries
  • Participant appeals processes
  • Analysis and insurability of the fiduciary exposure

Data analysis

  • Plan eligibility
  • Service-based benefits (e.g. pension benefits, profit sharing contributions, retiree medical eligibility and premiums)
  • Policies and procedures practices
  • Renewal Analysis
  • Technological improvements

Workers' Compensation

  • Maximize management of workers' compensation insurance costs, improve claims management.

Employee Benefit Program Assessment

  • Review current policies and procedures manual, to insure that all appropriate guidelines are in place.
  • Analyze and provide initial surface recommendations of current benefits package for renewal's

Form 5500 Assessment and Reporting

  • Assist Plan WSSC with form completion for 2005-06 benefits plan year.
  • Lend assistance in meeting Deadlines or filing for Extensions.
  • Educate and train core benefits staff on present and future document preparation.
  • Develop and impose guideline tables to insure that WSSC does not assess or impose penalties, and fines for tardy filings.
  • Insure the plan's summary annual report discloses proper information to participants and beneficiaries.
  • Insure that WSSC is complying with State and local IRS guidelines as it relates to 5500 filings.

HIPAA Assessment and Compliance

  • Review current compliance procedures; make recommendations for improvements
  • Insure that WSSC is Fully HIPAA compliant.
  • Recommend and improve and (potentially) implement data management capabilities
  • Through the introduction of more improved methods of HIPPA Compliance guidelines.

Cobra Administration Assessment

  • Insure that proper notification materials to employees are in place.
  • Analyze and insure that WSSC's responsibilities to employees and retirees are in compliance with Cobra Administration guidelines.
  • Coordinate with current external Cobra Administrator (if applicable)to provide actual data and review for accuracy.

Medicare Part D Assessment and Compliance

  • Research current Medicaid participants currently within the WSSC
  • Provide documentation support to all Medicare eligible staff explaining Medicare Part D and it's procedures.
  • Prepare side-by side comparisons of the current employer-based retiree Prescription drug/health plan, and develop internal correspondence that may be distributed to the retired staff.
  • Develop internal timetables and guidelines for WSSC's HR staff to insure present and future compliance.
  • Provide guidance on the filing procedures to avoid penalty assessments.
  • Provide support in competing the Medicare Part D Employer Subsidy Applications for eligible retirees.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • Insure that proper (bilingual) notices are posted within WSSC as they relate to FMLA to avoid penalties and fines.
  • Review and assist with the current WSSC policies and procedure manual concerning FMLA entitlements and employee obligations.

457(b) Program Assessment and Compliance

  • Review current 457(b) to insure state and local IRS and NASD compliance.

Legislative compliance assistance


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